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Indosurf 99

Indosurf 99 is Fa, Friendly Alkyl Phenol free non ionic wetting agent. This APO free additive lowers the viscosity of paint formulation that is certainly not their only effect. This additive has a major influence on a wide range of essential characteristics of the formulation like Hiding Power, Color Strength, Gloss, Flocculation, Flooding and Floating. As such, it finds application in the textile, detergent, agrochemical, emulsion polymerization and paint industries.

Physical Properties :
  • Appearance Clear Liquid
  • Active Content 97%
  • pH (1% Solution) 8-10
  • APEO Content Nil
  • Sp.gravity 1.2 +/- 0.05 gm/cc
  • Stability to temp Stable at high temperature
  • Stability to Storage : Excellent
  • Ionic Nature : Non ionic

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