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Indofil Opaque 621 is a non-film forming aqueous emulsion polymer which helps in reducing the raw material cost of water based paints.

Indofil Opaque 621 achieves the above reductions by performing three functions :
  • Contributes directly to hiding.
  • Allows paints to be formulated with equal resistance properties at higher PVCs because of lower vehicle demand.
  • Improves the hiding efficiency of Titanum Dioxide by not crowding the Titanium Dioxide particles.

Indofil Opaque 621 is recommended for exterior flat paints, Interior flat paints, Exterior sheen paints, Interior semi Glossy paint and exterior-interior textured paint.

Advanteges :

Formulation with Indofil Opeque 621 offers the Paints manufacturer the following benefits :

  • Lower Raw Material costs at equal opacity.
  • Lower Titanium dioxide levels.
  • Lower Vehicle levels.
  • These water-based coatings offer additional advantages from the point of toxicity, fire, ease of clean air-pollution control laws.

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