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Clarity :

There is no change in light transmission or haze when PMA-175 is added to general purpose
clear compounds. In some cases, a better appearance is obtained due to improved surface of the fabricated part.
Using conventional external lubricants for high temperature release, clarity is deteriorated. PMA-175 enables
processors to lubricate at levels never before practical with clear PVC compounds. 3.4 Processing Aid Properties
PMA-175 gives sufficient hot strength, elongation, homogeneity and fluidity.

Calendering :

Higher processing temperatures and production rates, improved clarity and appearance, improved roll release,
without sticking or plate out, smoother rolling bank, better hot strength and improved thermoforming, improved
print and ink acceptance make this grade perfect choice for people making calendered film.

Extrusion- Pipe & Profile :

Higher filler level for low cost formulation. Reduced sticking or decomposition at stagnation points on screws
and dies, longer production runs, less downtime and improved processing efficiency, higher product quality and
production efficiency minimized melt fracture or tearing.

Blow Moulding :

Longer running times, improved appearance, strength and clarity.

Injection Moulding :

Improved product quality and production rates, easier processing through tolerance of broader range of injection
speeds and temperatures are the typical advantages you like for in such there are delivered by INDOFIL PMA-175.

Usage Level & Advantages :
  • 0.5 – 3 pHr of PMA-175, External lubricants such
    as Paraffin Waxes, Fatty Acids, Monotonic Ester Waxes, Poly Ethylene Wax, Etc., Should be reduced.
  • At 1pHr of PMA-175, 1/3 of external lubricant
    should be reduced.

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